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  • Our Mission Statement

    Uncrowned Empire provides free, community-driven, online resources for advancement, development, growth, and improvement of oneself.

    About Us

    Uncrowned Empire, LLC started in 2014 as a small company that helped local, non-profit organizations with establishing an online presence.  As most of our founding staff (and current staff) were working in the community as volunteer first responders at the time, we found our small towns poorly equipped and often lacking the technical knowledge to run websites, social media, online campaigns, etc. and this was a problem we aimed to fix.  As the years passed, we established ourselves as a local business helping those around us, but often found funding and resources an all-too-common limit on our abilities, and charging volunteer organizations wasn't the answer we were willing to pursue.  So, in 2019 a small team got together and started working on a much larger business plan that allowed us to express our passion for helping others on a much larger scale.  In early 2020 Uncrowned Empire officially went live with our support/company website UncrownedEmpire.com and our empire started to grow from there.

    After the release of our cooperate website, the world began joining together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe.  As a startup company, Uncrowned Empire was unable to provide the resources that we would have preferred, but a series of local community websites were launched to help support the areas around us.  The development of Uncrowned Addiction and Uncrowned Gaming were put on hold as the company focused on the local community.

    We released our Uncrowned Addiction and Uncrowned Gaming websites in late 2020 as news sources for the industries they focus on and began developing the additional features of each website from there.  Over time the sites gained their forums and their blogs, along with Uncrowned Gaming gaining its Guides and Gaming Resources.  These websites are slowly growing every day to provide better resources for our communities

    We hope you hang around and perhaps even register for one of our sites and allow us to become an even greater and more expansive empire.  It is not our company that rules this empire, but our Uncrowned Legion (our registered users) that allows us to change the world one post at a time.

    Thank you for being a part of our empire and none of what we have achieved would be here today without you, our users.

    The Uncrowned Legion

    The Uncrowned Legion is the name we give to our registered users.  While it can easily be assumed that this name is merely a marketing term for our communities, our staff team completely disagrees with this.  Our Uncrowned Legion is more than just a "registered user" or "member" of our community, the Uncrowned Legion is the heart and soul that drives our communities forward.  Most websites don't want their users to realize that they control the fate of the site, but we are proud of the fact that our users got us to where we are today!  There are no purchasable ranks or titles within the Legion, just hard-earned, content-based, achievements as the Legion contributes to the growth of its members and our community as a whole.

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