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  • Our Stance on Better Privacy
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    Uncrowned Empire has taken a stance to help our users protect their online lives by standing firm with some basic privacy goals.  Our company does not sell your private data, or even your public data, to anyone for any reason.  In fact, we aiming to not use standard banner advertisements (like Adsense) on our websites in the near future as they are full of trackers and we are honestly just tired of the entire internet following people around.  We also use an in house analytics software to monitor the success of our advertisement campaigns, search rankings, etc. as that ensures the data stays in house and does not get sent to data hungry third party companies companies.  On top of staying in house, even our own analytics programs hides your IP address so our staff do not have direct access to who the data is from (only the two owners of our company can even see the raw data after IPs are protected).  While we are certainly not a 100% no stored data company as you do use registered accounts and that would be a terrible experience if your account had no idea what you interacted with on our site, we do hope to keep your data safe and secure on our servers and respect your digital life.  We hope to continue to improve these side of our company and maybe others will follow.

    Of course we are required to (and will) follow any law enforcement or government requirements/court orders as we don't have any choice not to; nor will we try and interfere with official investigations, but we will not freely provide your data to any company, person, or government for free or by sale.  Our stance to keep your data private is not an invitation to use our sites for illegal activity as you will be banned from our service and potentially reported to the appropriate authorities if needed.

    Where Does My Data Go?

    To be completely upfront to our users. there are times that we will release pieces of autonomous data to 3rd parties.  None of this data is sent in raw form and all of it is sent as summaries of statistical data.  What data leaves our site is listed below:

    • Total Unique Views and Total Views on our Websites.  This data is used for selling ad space and affiliate services.  This data includes exactly the two numbers listed and has no raw data attached or any other usable information.  It is presented to 3rd party companies as "Total Daily Unique Views: ###" or "Total Daily Views: ###"
    • Internal Staff Reports.  Our staff is provided with summary reports of our analytics, such as total views by page, total views by device type, total views by location, etc. to help run advertising campaigns for our empire.  There is no raw data included in these reports, nor is there any breakdown of data that could be linked to a user, it is merely a total count.  And again, this is purely for our internal advertising needs and no 3rd party will have access to this data.

    Yup, that is it, a total view count and that is all we send out externally.

    Where Is My Email Used?

    Your email is safe and sound on your account and only our staff members can see your email.  Besides the handful of mass emails we send out and the emails you setup to be sent as notifications from your account, there is no other use for your email.  We do not export your email to sell or trade and no vendors have access to even see what your email is.

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