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  • Aiming For A Green World

    Uncrowned Empire is always pushing to find new ways to protect our world from ourselves.  Our company has removed almost every printer as we no long use printed material internally and have gone fully digital with all documents.  We try to reuse as much e-waste as we can and recycle the parts that we cannot.  Being an online based companies often makes going green an easy choice, and we will fully admit that, but we still take every opportunity to push our staff into a greener world.  With simple office setups, bare minimum waste, and pushing towards new and improved ways to go green, Uncrowned Empire is proud to say we try our hardest to stay green.  As our empire grows, we hope more opportunities arise to help the environment around us.

    Never forget that even you, a single member of our Legion, can make an impact on the planet around you.

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