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5 More Days!

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Uncrowned Empire is going to be officially live February 1st, 2020.

This is fairly uneventful news for our general user base as Uncrowned Empire itself is merely our company website and acts as a support platform for our internal and external support teams. If you visit this website, you will find a portal to all of our “Uncrowned” websites which is probably where you will be heading off to once these websites are live. However, if you wish to stay around this website as a public user or a registered member of our Uncrowned Legion (which by the way is this the title of our registered users), you can visit our support forums which is where you will find our company wide news and announcement a section for peer to peer support on our web sites or a section two personally meet our staff to ask them questions or simply just say hello. Uncrowned Empire is a company that values privacy therefore you will not find 3rd party tracking on our websites and we view open business practices as a standard, so just go ahead and ask whatever questions you might have about our company and our staff will answer you directly. If you are a registered user, this website also provides a support ticket system, although you may not find too much use in it as it is mostly geared towards vendors, advertisers, and our own support teams; but it is there for use as we try to be as open and engaging as possible to our user base.

In other news Uncrowned Addiction, our off topic community with a bit of a twist, is going to focus on promoting your tech life media. This means we're going to focus on helping you improve your YouTube channels, Twitch Streams, etc, whether it is sharing them or getting peer to peer support and advice on the platform for any other media outlet that you use. More info will come available as this site gets closer to launch this late winter.

Lastly Uncrowned Gaming is in the works with literal piles of guides and support articles to type up and news on this is very limited at the moment with a hopeful release date at the beginning of summer 2020.

Oh, and did I mention that all of our  services are free, we do not sell your private data, and while we may not be the top of the line privacy advocate, we do value your personal privacy.

Our staff team personally thanks you for your time and we hope you keep up with further updates on our projects in the near future; also if you have any comments or suggestions absolutely feel free to leave them down below.

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