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  1. We have decided to launch our first two "Uncrowned" website early to start sharing content to the world! Uncrowned Addiction is now live as a source for tech news and a community for tech professionals and hobbyists to enhance their digital lives. We are extremely excited to open this community as it also serves as our off-topic community where all our users and staff can just get together and have a great time. Uncrowned Gaming is a much "softer" launch and is currently just serving up from gaming news. We will slowly be launching the guides, resources, forums, and so much more as ti
  2. 10/01/2020
  3. Our Columbia County Online community is far from finished, but our local community and businesses are in need of support! We have decided to launch our website early and missing numerous features to help those around us. Please bear with us as development continues in the background on a daily basis. Columbia County Online is run by Uncrowned Empire to provide an always free and community based website of the local community. We do not accept donations, please send those to a local charity or person in need. A list of charities will be added soon. So much more is coming, but for
  4. Uncrowned Empire is currently working with our local community to put together a large, community-based website for our home area. Yes, we are an international company with a customer base all over the world, but we are starting our community building program small in scale, but certainly not small in goals. Our first community building project will be based on providing our local town an online community just as powerful as our Uncrowned Empire websites so residents can communicate with each other and their officials. We aim to bring our privacy practices to this website and our green
  5. Our Official Support Platform is Live! Today (02/01/2020), marks the start of our online empire with the launch of UncrownedEmpire.com. Our staff team has worked endlessly to provide a user friendly and practical corporate support network, where even the newest user can talk to our CEO with ease. This platform will be the base to our other online communities that will be going live in the upcoming months. We understand that this is not that big of news to the average user and in fact doesn't give you much reason to become a registered user, but it is our beginnings and the foundation t
  6. Uncrowned Empire is going to be officially live February 1st, 2020. This is fairly uneventful news for our general user base as Uncrowned Empire itself is merely our company website and acts as a support platform for our internal and external support teams. If you visit this website, you will find a portal to all of our “Uncrowned” websites which is probably where you will be heading off to once these websites are live. However, if you wish to stay around this website as a public user or a registered member of our Uncrowned Legion (which by the way is this the title of our registered use
  7. Uncrowned Empire is finally happening! Our company/support site will be launching as an official platform on the 1st of next month. While we understand that a support site launching isn't all too exciting, it means our empire's online roots will be set and ready to expand. Keep up-to-date by following our social media and at uncrownedempire.com. We can't wait to provide you, our community, the platforms needed to expand your online resources! https://www.facebook.com/UncrownedEmpire https://twitter.com/UncrownedEmpire https://www.instagram.com/uncrowned.empire/
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