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Uncrowned Addiction and Uncrowned Gaming get soft launches!

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gaming.thumb.png.b803a2def9a851708390b856377626b3.pngWe have decided to launch our first two "Uncrowned" website early to start sharing content to the world!  Uncrowned Addiction is now live as a source for tech news and a community for tech professionals and hobbyists to enhance their digital lives.  We are extremely excited to open  this community as it also serves as our off-topic community where all our users and staff can just get together and have a great time.

Uncrowned Gaming is a much "softer" launch and is currently just serving up from gaming news.  We will slowly be launching the guides, resources, forums, and so much more as time move along.  This site is certainly our pride and joy right now as it is the first website in our series to truly have a dedicated purpose and goal to help the community.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped in this process and most certainly a huge thank-you for everyone signing up to join our Uncrowned Legion!

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