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Today Is The Official Start Of Our Empire!

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Our Official Support Platform is Live!

Today (02/01/2020), marks the start of our online empire with the launch of UncrownedEmpire.com.  Our staff team has worked endlessly to provide a user friendly and practical corporate support network, where even the newest user can talk to our CEO with ease.  This platform will be the base to our other online communities that will be going live in the upcoming months.  We understand that this is not that big of news to the average user and in fact doesn't give you much reason to become a registered user, but it is our beginnings and the foundation to everything.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us from our humble beginnings and we will always keep those humble roots at our core.  From education to peer to peer support and even just simple collections of resource sites, we are aiming to make the internet an asset again.  So keep in touch for our next upcoming website, Uncrowned Addiction, which will focus on our user's tech lives and support their own tech platforms (like YouTube and Podcasts) to others for both support and promotion.

As a team, we are tired of companies that hide behind massive policies, PR stunts, and simply lacking any customer level interaction and want to change that within ourselves.  You can view some of the major goals of our company below:

So what is next?

Well, now we are moving on to the exciting parts and focusing on Uncrowned Addiction next.  Much more information is to follow in the coming weeks.  We are currently aiming for a 04/01/2020 launch date and things are already going well.

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