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Uncrowned Gaming: What's Popular (Jul 2022)

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Check what has been popular around Uncrowned Gaming lately and don't be afraid to jump into some conversations!

New Guides

Infantry - Infantry are prized for their versatility and overall effectiveness in firefights, objectives, and essentially all aspects of combat.  They are generally the core unit on teams and many times the preferred playstyle when going solo in matchmaking due to their lack of dependence on support units.   Not only can most infantry handle any situation thrown at them, but they can also often take control and dominate no matter what is happening around them.  We have always advised learning this playstyle and evolving from it to find your true calling while learning a new game.  Plus, it is great having a great fallback strategy if your specialized role falls apart or does not fit into your current team’s strategy...

Popular Topics

What Was The Last Game You Played? - What was the last game you played?

What's your best horror game? - Enjoy has a favorite horror game, what is yours?

PC Gamers: Custom or Prebuilt? - What do you all have for gaming?

Gaming News & Upcoming Releases

Microsoft Adds DirectStorage Hardware Check to Windows - DirectStorage has been the leading talk and tech in the new generation of consoles as it enables nearly instant load times and makes open worlds nearly seamless when compared to older storage solutions.  It was stated that DirectStorage would be coming to Windows PCs and now we have a tool to check if your system will be compatible in preview builds for the Game Bar...

Overwatch 2 Likely to Completely Replace Overwatch - A recent Reddit AMA may have confirmed that Overwatch 2’s release will be the end of the original Overwatch as a whole.  The AMA with the Overwatch dev team revealed that the game will be released in pieces as a live service game and that it will also replace the live service that is the current Overwatch.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the original Overwatch will be unplayable after its sequel releases, but it will likely result in no multiplayer or online features in the game...

343i Plans to Enhance Halo Infinite by Ruining The MCC? - As 343i struggles to keep players on their so-far disappointing Halo Infinite platform, the fans of the series have been seeking answers to when content will arrive.  343i, the developer of Halo Infinite and the Master Chief Collection, has finally pushed out more information about those problems and appears ready to bring the worst features of Infinite to the MCC...


So come and check out our growing community!!
-Uncrowned Guard

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