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Uncrowned Addiction: What's Popular (Jan 2023)

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Check what has been popular around Uncrowned Addiction lately and don't be afraid to jump into some conversations!

Admin Notice: Uncrowned Addiction's Upcoming Login Changes and Server Update

New Guides

Two-Factor Authentication - Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security process in which a user provides two different authentication factors to verify their identity. This is in contrast to single-factor authentication, where only a single factor (such as a password) is used for verification....

Why Facebook Needs a License to Your Posts: A Quick Explanation  - When you create a Facebook account and start posting content on the platform, you grant Facebook a license to use and distribute that content. This is outlined in Facebook's terms of service, which you agree to when you sign up for the service...

Popular Topics

Chit Chat Thread - Just a place to talk about whatever, stop by to say hello, goodbye or whatever is on your mind. 

Desktop vs Laptop - What do you prefer & why?

What Operating System Do You Use? - Lets see what everyone has going on their devices!

In The News

Dungeons and Dragons Fans Outraged by Wizards of the Coast's Revised Open Gaming License - Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) fans are expressing concern over what appears to be an effort by Wizards of the Coast (WoC) to increase its control over licensed content through a revised Open Gaming License (OGL). The OGL has historically allowed content creators to make D&D products, retain full ownership, and profit independently. However, the revised OGL appears to give WoC the ability to claim these creations as its own....


So come and check out our growing community!!
-Uncrowned Guard

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