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Uncrowned Addiction Launches "Debate of the Month" Feature

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UncrownedDebates.jpg.cea9221dcad9bf61a16ea43245490847.jpgUncrowned Empire is thrilled to announce the launch of a new and exciting feature on our forum, Uncrowned Addiction: the Debate of the Month (DOTM). This initiative aims to engage our community in meaningful discussions on current issues, controversial topics, and thought-provoking questions.

This month, we are kicking off the series with a highly relevant and timely debate: "Should YouTube Take Action Against Off-Platform Misconduct by Its Creators?". This topic opens the floor for our community members to share their thoughts, perspectives, and insights on how online platforms should handle misconduct by their users, even when such actions occur outside the platform itself.

The DOTM feature is designed to run from the first to the last day of each month, providing ample time for all voices to be heard. We prioritize member involvement and encourage active participation, ensuring that a diverse range of opinions is represented.

We understand that debates can sometimes spill over into other platforms, and we want to embrace that. To facilitate broader discussion, we have also established the Uncrowned Debates Facebook Group. Here, members can continue the conversation, share additional resources, and connect with fellow debaters. Follow the debates, contribute your views, and be part of a community of thinkers and changemakers.

The debates will be archived at the end of each month to preserve the integrity of the discussion and prevent the muddying of waters with outdated or irrelevant information. This practice ensures that each debate stands on its own, providing clear and focused insights into the issue at hand.

We invite all members of the Uncrowned Legion community, as well as newcomers, to join us in this inaugural DOTM debate. Share your thoughts, challenge your perspectives, and be part of a community that values thoughtful discourse and meaningful interaction.

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