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Important Update: New Advertising & Sponsorship Approach on Our Websites!

Uncrowned Guard

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We're excited to share some significant changes to how we handle advertising on Uncrowned Empire. Understanding the importance of a smooth and enjoyable user experience, we've revamped our approach to split our ads into two categories: Advertisements and Sponsors.


These are primarily AdSense ads and are open to a wide range of advertisers. Our key update here is that all these advertisements will now be invisible to our registered users. That's right – once you're logged in, you won't see any of these ads. We understand how ad blockers can be a hassle, especially with platforms like YouTube and Google, so we're making it simpler for you. Just register for a free account and enjoy an ad-free experience on our site!


Taking a step towards more premium partnerships, we have introduced 'Sponsors'. These ads will be displayed exclusively in the sidebar & footer. This approach is designed to highlight our sponsors in a way that respects your content-viewing experience, ensuring that these partnerships are visible without disrupting your browsing.

We believe this new system strikes the perfect balance – supporting our site while keeping your experience as our top priority. Say goodbye to the adblocker battles and hello to a cleaner, more focused browsing experience on Uncrowned Addiction and Uncrowned Gaming.

To Enjoy an Ad-Free Experience
Simply register for a free account! It's quick, easy, and unlocks a more streamlined version of our site for all our registered members.

We're looking forward to seeing you on sites – with fewer ads and more of the content you love!

Stay connected!

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