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Uncrowned Empire's Rebuilding Roadmap

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As we emerge from the shadows of uncertainty, Uncrowned Empire stands more resilient and determined than ever. Our journey ahead is illuminated by the unveiling of our new roadmap, a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and community. Together, we will navigate this path of rebirth, forging a digital domain where every voice powers the collective triumph. Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter, and let's build a future that echoes with our shared aspirations and dreams.

Uncrowned Empire

  • Reform social media plan with less automation and more interaction

Uncrowned Addiction

  • Add local staff club section

Uncrowned Armory

  • Add local staff club section

Uncrowned Gaming

  • Convert the main theme to PvE Shooters
  • Remove Esports sections
  • Reform the resources section into a Wiki
  • Reform the guides section
  • Establish community game nights
  • Potential community game night stream
  • Add local staff club section

Uncrowned Anime

  • Rename to Uncrowned Anime

Uncrowned Forum Addicts

  • TBA

Uncrowned Health & Fitness

  • Rename to Uncrowned Fitness

Uncrowned Home & Garden

  • Rename to TBA

Uncrowned Kitchen

  • Create Club
  • Add cookbook section

Uncrowned Nature & Outdoors

  • Rename to Uncrowned Gardening

Uncrowned Pets

  • Create club
  • Add aquarium discussion section

Uncrowned Sports

  • Rename Sports Discussions to Professional Sports Discussions
  • Add Amateur Sports Discussions.


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